Cantilever Rack

US Industrial cantilever rack reflects our dedication to industry leadership. Our structural steel cantilever racks are exclusively designed and built to rival the strongest heavy-duty cantilever racks on the cantilever rack market. Cantilever racks are easy to install and space efficient.


Cantilever rack will optimize the productivity and profitability of your work environment.


Our cantilever racks are ideal for storing short, long or awkwardly-shaped items. Built for outstanding durability, our cantilever racks use a special cantilever rack arm system designed for easy front loading without obstruction. Cantilever rack arms can be adjusted vertically up to four inches to optimize cantilever rack stacking. Cantilever racks can be used as plywood cantilever racks, drywall cantilever racks, steel sheet cantilever racks, tubing cantilever racks, lumber cantilever racks, furniture cantilever racks and many more cantilever rack applications.



Columns / Uprights: These determine the height of the system. It is the main structure in the back of a one-sided system, or in the middle of a back-to-back. Cantilever arms, bases and bracing attach to this. These are one of the main factors in the capacity of the system. (Standard sizes 12′ and 16′ high)

Arms: These determine the shelf levels and depths of the shelf levels. Various lengths available. (Standard size 48″ @ 2,080# capacity/arm)

Bases: These connect to the columns/uprights on the floor for support for the rack system. Bases should always be a longer than arms in length. (Standard size 48″)

Bracing: Connects columns/uprights. Also known as X-Bracing. These provide support for the system and determine spacing between columns/uprights. (Standard sizes 48″ and 60″)


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