Columns / Uprights: These determine the height of the system. It is the main structure in the back of a one-sided system, or in the middle of a back-to-back. Cantilever arms, bases and bracing attach to this. These are one of the main factors in the capacity of the system. Our standard stock sizes are 12′ and 16′ high. They can be custom ordered for different heights.

Arms: These determine the shelf levels and depths of the shelf levels. Our standard stock size is 48″ @ 2,080# capacity/arm. Other arms sizes are available between 12″ long and 96″ long

Bases: These connect to the columns/uprights on the floor for support for the rack system. Bases should always be a longer than arms in length. Our standard stock size is 48″

Bracing: Connects columns/uprights. Also known as X-Bracing. These provide support for the system and determine spacing between columns/uprights. Our standard stock sizes are 48″ and 60″

Stopper Pins: Stoppers are available for the end of cantilever arms to prevent material from slipping or sliding off. These stoppers extrude 6″ / 12″ above the top of the arm. Available in a removable and bolt-on option or through a “fixed” stopper where the arms arrive with a welded on bracket

Shelf Overlays: With the addition of beam supports, cantilever racking can be used as a shelving system with wire mesh shelf overlays. These beam supports provide more reinforcement for unevenly distributed loads.

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