Cantilever Stopper Pins

The removable stopper pin found in the rack arm is shaped like a rectangular tube and is slotted into a 1 ¼” square sleeve which is bolted to the end of the rack arm. The removable stopper must extrude 6” or 12” above the top of the rack arm. The removable base stopper pin is shaped as a rod and is inserted to a hollow cylindrical support. The stopper must extrude 6” to 12” from the top of the rack base. The welded arm stopper lip is composed of a rectangular plate which is welded to the top flange of the rack arm in the front. This type of stopper is convenient for material products which have a tendency to slip or slide off. The welded angle arm stopper is shaped as a triangular section made of a folded plate. It is available for the front and back of the rack arm and is welded to the tip. It is primarily used to prevent slippage. Angle arm stoppers are welded on top of each arm to keep materials centered on the arms.

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