Structural Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking system is used for various shelving applications, ideal for storing short, long or awkwardly-shaped items, with up to 4,000# capacity for an 8′ long shelf level, or 6,000# capacity for a 12′ long shelf level for our standard¬†stocked cantilever. (Heavier duty options also available)


  • Direct access to material
  • Various column heights and arm lengths available
  • Adjustable arm heights allow for various material sizes and items to be stored on the same rack
  • Easily to integrate into existing warehouse environments

Column/Upright spacing is important for determining the necessary load requirements. Heavier loads will use columns/uprights closer together, allowing for a higher capacity per shelf level. Each arm adds an additional 2,080# capacity per shelf level.

Cantilever arms can be adjusted every 4″ on the column/uprights allowing for a variety of shelf level heights on the racking system.

Our Cantilever Racking can be configured using one or both sides of the column/upright with arms (shelf levels). Cantilever installed against a wall will use only one side, and rack installed in an aisle or open space will generally be installed with arms on both sides.

US Industrial Corp stocks most standard sizes, and we offer delivery anywhere in United States. Contact our expert team for guidance, advice or professional warehouse design layouts to maximize your storage capabilities.

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