Structural Cantilever Upright Columns

Cantilever columns are manufactured of structural W-sections and shall have a shop-welded base plate. In order to provide lateral stability along the length of the system the columns are held together with horizontal braces and cross braces. The braces are bolted to the columns with ASTM A325 structural bolts. The braces are made of structural steel either in the form of a plate or an L-shape. When the cantilever rack is installed outdoors, the design of the columns take into consideration the effects of climatic loads that may be exerted directly to the column or transferred from the rack arms, roof arms and any siding, cladding or other enclosure material. The column may be assembled as a single or double sided column. The bracing configuration is very important in the structural integrity of the column assembly. When bracing a 12’H run, the first and last bay must always be secured with a cross brace and a horizontal brace regardless if the second-to-last bay is secured with a cross-brace and horizontal brace. For a 16’H run the first and last bay must always be secured with a double cross-brace configuration. For all inside bays, alternate between a quadruple horizontal brace and a double cross brace.

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