Very Narrow Aisle Cantilever Systems

Make the most out of your storage or picking area with Cogan Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Cantilever Racking. Designed for use with side loader fork trucks, our VNA cantilever racking maximizes storage capacity for a highly efficient use of floor space. The narrow design means our VNA cantilever racking uses as little as half the standard aisle width of standard racking solutions. Your storage capacity doubles and wasted space is eliminated. This is ideal for high-density storage areas or where there is a need for expansion within an existing facility.

Cogan VNA cantilever racking offers the same versatile storage abilities as our conventional cantilever racking, but with added aisle guide rail and end-of-aisle guardrail. These rails work to guide narrow aisle fork trucks through the picking aisles, allowing for faster, easier and more efficient operation. Pick precision is increased and material damage is significantly reduced.

Made of structural angle, choose between two installation options for your guide rail: inserted into the base of each unit or anchored to the floor, independent from the rack structure. An end-of-aisle guardrail is welded on either type of installation to protect the entrance of each aisle and allow forklift drivers to safely navigate around corners.

Both types of guide rail are welded on-site for a maximum fit and precision to create one solid, continuous guide rail.

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