Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving/Cabinets are a great alternative to Pallet Racking when you are handing lighter material by hand stacking. Our shelving and cabinets can also be integrated into Pallet Racking systems, or can be turned into work stations. From tool storage, to record storage, to box storage, to service counters, to work benches and much more, our Industrial Shelving is a versatile storage solution. There are endless accessories and options that can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Types of Industrial Shelving

  • Heavy Duty Cabinets – 400# capacity drawers (R-Cabinets)
  • Lighter Duty Cabinets – 100# capacity drawers (L-Cabinets)
  • Heavy Duty Shelving Systems
  • Work Stations
  • Work Benches
  • Service Counters
  • Tool Boxes

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