Project Management

Project Management


If your business handles shipments and storage, strong organizational methods are critical to maximizing the available space in a warehouse. Both commercial and industrial facilities utilize machinery to navigate heavy loads, so US Industrial Corp offers project coordination services for your racking applications. We’ll help you build a custom system from initial designs to installation, improving workplace safety and efficiency.

In the event that you are moving to a new building or want to incorporate a unique layout for picking and shipping products, we provide site management for streamlining employee tasks. From site surveys to equipment and safety audits, our professionals see your project through from beginning to end.

The Need for Warehouse Racking Project Management

Warehouse owners can have a difficult time mapping out an effective floor plan for pallet racking. Making the right decisions for your facility has a direct impact on business outputs, so our engineers take the time to visit your building for an assessment. We pay close attention to how your employees and equipment operate to influence blueprint drawings for improvement.

US Industrial Corp eliminates the guesswork behind making changes to storage, picking, and shipping operations. It is our mission to make moving to a new building or reorganizing a current space as simple as possible.

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Custom Warehouse Racking Designs

The location and size of a warehouse impact pallet racking placement and type. Our team begins our project management services by analyzing business characteristics such as your number of SKU types, product mobility and the volume of your inventory. We have our engineers draw up a blueprint of your existing layout to ensure your future vision is realistic and applicable.

Project managers will take product code requirements into account while creating a new floor design. Through engineering software, customers get an exclusive look at updated facility specifications before crews start to install. This is a pivotal step in the project coordination process as our experts identify which of the following structural systems suits your needs:

  • Selective racking
  • Drive-in/drive-through racking
  • Push back racking
  • Cantilever racking
  • Carton flow racking

US Industrial Corp walks you through final blueprint edits and is able to produce copies for local permit officials.

Warehouse Racking Freight Coordination Services

The professionals at US Industrial Corp want to cut costs surrounding your project through our freight coordination services. We have partnerships with manufacturers in parts of North and Central America for a budget-friendly supply chain. Getting the pallet racks and equipment you need delivered is easy with freight charges based on product weight and volume inside the truck.

Depending on the circumstances, we can work with our freight carriers to ship from a warehouse offering the lowest rate.

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US Industrial Corp specializes in pallet racking solutions and brings customers instruments that stand the test of time. Our services maximize the storage density of industrial and commercial spaces for improving organization and workplace safety. For additional information regarding our project coordination services, feel free to give us a call at 203-540-5669 or fill out a contact form online today.

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